On Consonants

"The consonant is not the natural enemy of the vowel. A quickly occurring consonant need not interrupt the legato any more than a twig cast upon a flowing mountain stream impedes the current."

Richard Miller, Solutions for Singers: tools for performers and teachers, Oxford University Press, 2004, pg. 119






SingersBabel is constantly adding content and working on new projects. Here you'll find information on both our short and long term plans. Below you'll find the release dates of new works into our library for the next month, as well as the large works currently in development. You'll also find information regarding the plans of Guides and Tutorials, and Sound Sets.

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Tutorial Releases


An International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Tutorial led by Daniel Molkentin and Barbara Paterson is currently in development. This tutorial serves as a basic introduction to IPA and will take you through all the sounds and corresponding IPA symbols for American English, French, and German.   



Sound Sets


SingersBabel currently offers Sound sets of sung American English, French, and German to it's users with free accounts and paid subscriptions. In June 2012, sounds sets for spoken French and German will be released. This tool will allow musicians to hear some of the differences between spoken and sung pronunciation. 

Also in June 2012, a new tool called "Sound Comparisons" will be released. In music we use the same notation in different styles. This doesn't mean that all styles of music are to be played the same because they're notated the same way. The same holds true when it comes to the IPA. It's a great tool for giving us concepts of sounds and a common language to work with, but there are some subtleties that can't be captured with the symbols. Sound Comparisons lists the equivalent sounds in American English, French and German next to each other so users can click and hear the subtle differences between them.    





Vowels Vowels Vowels
[i] [i] [i]
  [e] [e]
[ɪ]   [ɪ]



Large Works in Development 


Composer Work Release
Bach, J.S. Johannes Passion Fall 2012
Bach, J.S.  Weihnachts- Oratorium Fall 2012
Mendelssohn, Felix Paulus Early 2013
Schubert, Franz Die schöne Müllerin Summer 2012
Schubert, Franz Winterreise Summer 2012




Recent Releases




Composer Works # of Mvts. Release Date
Brahms, Johannes Geistliches Lied 1 2-May
Brahms, Johannes Schicksallied 1 2-May
Schubert, Franz An die Musik 1 2-May
Beethoven, Ludwig van Fantasia  1 2-May
Brahms, Johannes Vergebliches Ständchen 1 2-May
Schubert, Franz Du bist die Ruh 1 2-May
Brahms, Johannes Gestillte Sehnsucht  1 2-May
Brahms, Johannes Geistliches Wiegenlied 1 2-May
Brahms, Johannes Liebeslieder, op 52 18





Release Date
International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Lesson 1: Introduction to IPA 2-May