Special offer to Ensembles

from SingersBabel!

Free Setup Offer: Sign up for a 3-month Ensemble Subscription before September 1, 2012 (for use anytime in the next 12 months) and your ensemble of 20 or more singers will receive individual logins to a customized SingersBabel website, which includes the Sound Sets, Pronunciation Guide and Videos of the desired Work(s) - and  the setup fee of $1.50 per person will be waived. Value: $30 and up.
Bonus Offer: In addition, SingersBabel will create a new Pronunciation Guide and Video for your ensemble, for free!  See details below. 
* * *
SingersBabel wants to expand its library of choral works, but wants to prioritize with content that will be most useful to Ensembles. Therefore, SingersBabel will fill new Work(s) requests from Ensembles that subscribe for 3 months or more, for free.  SingersBabel will create a Pronunciation Guide and Videos for a new Work or Works, not already in its library, of 100 words or less. For each additional month subscribed, Ensembles may request an additional 25 words. For example: a 4-month subscription would include 125 words; a 5-month subscription 150 words; etc. 
Sounds great, but what does 100 words look like?   
100 words are actually quite a lot of words. Here are some pieces currently in the SingersBabel library:
Beethoven - Elegischer Gesang - 20 words
Mendelssohn - Verleih uns Frieden - 26 words
Brahms - Geistliches Lied - 56 words
Brahms – Schicksalslied - 82 words
Bach - BWV 229 (Komm Jesu, komm) - 84 words
Bach - BWV 192 (Nun danket alle Gott) - 100 words
Beethoven - Choral Fantasy - 114 words 
Mendelssohn - Hoer mein Bitten - 137
What exactly does a Pronunciation Guide and Video from SingersBabel include?
  • A word-for-word translation, original language, and International Phonetic Alphabet transcription of the text in PDF format.
What works may I choose?
The work must be in American English or in German and the text (not the composition) must be in the public domain (any text published before 1923). 
How many works may I request?
You may request a single work or several works which when combined total your word allotment (100, 125, or 150, etc., based on your subscription length).
Who creates these learning tools? 
The translations and IPA transcriptions are made by SingersBabel co-founder Daniel Molkentin. The audio is recorded by one of the SingersBabel native speakers and documents and videos are prepared by members of the SingersBabel team.
Who will have access to this learning tool?
By taking advantage of this offer, you are assisting the expansion of the SingersBabel library. These works will be available to all registered users.   
How long will this work be available to my chorus?
It will be available for the duration of the original subscription; i.e., if your ensemble subscribed for 3 months, it will be available for free to your ensemble for 3 months.
How long will it take SingersBabel to complete the learning tools for my requested Work?
SingersBabel will provide an estimate of when the work will be completed, but typically, it will be ready for use 4-6 weeks from the time of the request.
May I share this with people outside of my chorus?
The tools on SingersBabel are available only to registered subscribers. Sharing the content on SingersBabel with non-registered users is a violation of the terms of use.
May I print copies of the PDF for my chorus?
Each registered singer in your ensemble will receive a unique login to access (view and print) the subscription content on SingersBabel.  The head of the ensemble is authorized to make copies of the PDFs for those in the ensemble who have a subscription. SingersBabel can also provide low-cost prints of any of the translations & IPA transcriptions on the site.