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Learning a new text in a foreign language and speaking or singing it correctly can be a rewarding challenge. Each musician has a unique learning style with his or her own strengths and weaknesses. When singing in an ensemble, everyone needs to agree on the pronunciation, just as all have to agree on a tempo. Attaining consistent diction throughout an ensemble can take up valuable rehearsal time, but contributes greatly to accurate tuning, good vocal health, and a unified sound. When singers use SingersBabel materials at home before and during the rehearsal period, they will have a cohesive understanding of the sound and flow of the language. Each singer can prepare at his or her own pace and the conductor’s rehearsal time can be spent addressing musical matters. Furthermore, singers will have a greater ability to execute subtle instructions with the text.

An ensemble subscription is available to groups with 20 or more singers, with a minimum of two months subscription. Any work or works available in the SingersBabel Library may be selected and a custom page will be created for the ensemble. In addition to tools for text preparation, each singer will have access to the sounds sets on our site.

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Everything the ensemble needs for its preparation will be placed on a customized page. A customized link and user name/password combination will be provided to each member.  

Text Preparation Tools- Learn what each word of the text means and listen to native speakers read the text poetically or slowly and sustained. Whether you're a seasoned chorister or just starting out you can use the tools in this section to learn, practice, and refine the text at your own pace.

The main learning tools in this section are videos which combine the time-tested word-for-word translations and IPA transcription with spoken demonstrations by a native speaker who is an accomplished singer or diction coach. For each work or movement there are two videos. The first video displays and demonstrates the text read at a natural or poetic pace, which matches the IPA transcription but also demonstrates what can’t be captured by IPA: the melody of the language. The second video displays the same information but the text is spoken slowly, with each word clearly pronounced. Additionally, there is a PDF document containing the translation and IPA Guide, which can be printed out and brought to rehearsal.

Sound Sets- Get the sounds of American Standard pronunciation, French, and German into your ear by hearing over 1000 examples of native speakers.

Each language has a unique set of sounds. Many of the individual sounds are common among different languages but developing an ability to both recognize and accurately produce these sounds is an important step when singing in any language. The sounds listed are represented using IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) and each sound is accompanied by two word examples. Both the sound and the word examples are demonstrated by native speakers.

Feedback-  SingersBabel strives to improve its service and better provide you with what you need to be successful. If you have any questions, concerns or comments about the materials or service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some Benefits of Ensembles using SingersBabel

  • Unified pronunciation among singers
  • Fewer disputes over variations in pronunciation during rehearsal
  • Each singer learns at his or her own pace
  • Improved tuning
  • Comprehensive understanding of text
  • Greater awareness of the connection between text and singing
  • Greater vocal freedom
  • More effective use of rehearsal time
  • Singers are better able to receive detailed instruction on singing the text from a coach or the conductor
  • More artistic freedom during the rehearsals and performance


Who's Subscribing?

  • Dallas Symphony Chorus, Joshua Habermann, director (Berlioz, Bernstein & Mahler);
  • eVoco Voice Collective, David Fryling, conductor  (Rachmaninoff);
  • New York Choral Society, David Hayes, music director (Mendelssohn);
  • Trinity Church Boston, Richard Webster, director (Rachmaninoff);
  • Alexandria Choral Society, Brian J. Isaac, music director (Brahms);
  • Masterworks Chorale, Bryan Baker, music director (Rachmaninoff);
  • Quincy Choral Society, Joshua W. Rohde, music director (Mendelssohn);
  • Westchester Choral Society, Frank Nemhauser, music director (Brahms);
  • Portsmouth Pro Musica, Priscilla Stevens French, music director (Brahms);
  • Albany Pro Musica, Jose Daniel Flores-Caraballo, artistic director (Bach);
  • California Bach Society, Paul Flight, artistic director (Rachmaninoff);
  • Cincinnati May Festival, Robert Porco, director (Bach St. Matthew Passion);
  • and many more!



For ensembles of 20 or more members, these customized pages are available for the nominal price of $3.00 per member per month, with a minimum of two months.

A typical rehearsal period for many volunteer ensembles is between three and five months, making the cost for preparation between $9.00 and $15.00. Some ensembles absorb the cost for all members, while others incorporate the fee in the members’ cost of the scores.


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