SingersBabel Tutors

Bring your diction to the next level!

SingersBabel Tutors have a wide range of experience as teachers and coaches in conservatories, universities, working privately and with ensembles of different sizes. Take advantage of these experienced tutors and let them help you bring your diction to the next level!

Tutor Profiles, including areas of expertise, experience, and teaching philosophy, will appear shortly.  In the meantime, read their complete bios by click on each tutor's name. 

Elizabeth Fagan - Italian, German*

Daniel Molkentin - English, German, Latin (Ecclesiastical, German)

Barbara Paterson - English, German

Sean Taylor - Latin (Ecclesiastical, French, German )*

Raphaël Treiner - French*

All tutors are available for sessions on General IPA. 

*Available Fall 2014